Navigating Transformation: From Complexity to Opportunity

The GSPN community are inspired by the change we wish to see in the world — one where business, society and sustainability can coexist. In 2024 we expect to see a momentous shift in climate action, with a complete overhaul of existing systems to a new normal, where sustainable practices are starting to embed across all sectors and scales of society. 


For that reason, GSPN puts transformation and purpose at the heart of the agenda, providing a safe space for sustainability leadership to explore the new conceptions for operations, people, and governance. As organisations move away from linear models, and toward circular models, optimising supply-chain logistics to reduce risks while building resilience of for a better future for business and civil society. 


We reveal how new regulations can be used to bring sustainability into the heart of the strategy – uncovering opportunities for wider value creation, including how sustainability can work more closely with finance, risk, communication, and legal teams, bringing inclusive governance and cultural change.